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This is exactly^ how I feel. I have a 3 1/2 yr old, and my second was born this June. Lets setup a gaming playdate for our toddlers... say a couple years from now... they can group together and pillage the harbor.

BTW Kobold sayings in cove were already cute but nothing brings a smile to your face like a toddler singing "What?! What?! Kobold still hate you!"
I see me buying WF so they can go swimming (IE drowning)in the harbor. THen having to explain why it is ok to kill kobolds to a crying toddler. All the important lessons of life are here in DDO. I am waiting to tell him (or her) that babies come from dragon's hoards and mom and dad had to defeat a dragon to get him. We could have taken the loot oh no, we went for the baby. THey'd better appreaciate the sacrifice. Also a good reason to tell them why we don't buy them every toy in the store. Lack of hoard treasure.