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    Default How do i delete Beta Preview Subscription from my account?

    Before I got MotU prepurchase, I gotten a beta friends/family code, and I've set up the subscription on my account. However, this subscription should've expired by now, yet it's still showing up whenever I launch the game, requiring me to select my current default subscription and click on 'Next' manually, instead of skipping to game world selection screen. It's one of those unnecessary things that are a minor, yet oft repeated annoyance; I'd like to get rid of that MotU beta subscription from my account, so that I don't need to select the subscription every time I launch DDO. Anyone knows how do I do that?
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    I don't see a use for this either. It is rather annoying.

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    i've been looking and haven't seen anything. if i do find something, i'll make an edit.

    31AUG12 - called WB Games tech-support (contact info) and the tech couldn't do anything since i never officially paid for the beta subscription. requested to go up a level of tech support and will now wait 1 to 5 business days for a reply.

    03SEP12 - received an e-mail from an 'account management supervisor' that said "I have successfully canceled your beta subscription as requested." - done, and done. Thanks a bunch Turbine!
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