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    Default Suggestion: Icon showing a Turbine employee posted in a thread.

    I know there is a Dev Tracker Tab at the top of the forums which is good to find important and useful information regarding the game. It would be nice if there could be an icon showing that a Turbine official commented in a thread on the thread's title in the listings. We have icons for sticky, attachments and subscriptions, it could go in the same area.

    Since the expansion pack and subsequent updates there have been many problems and difficulties in the game. We get many posts on similar topics seeking a response from Turbine, this way it is easy to see when a response has been made in a thread. I have seen this on other game forums and it seems like it would work well here too.

    I think it might make it easier for those browsing the forums to be alerted to important information.

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    Like you said, there is a dev tracker and I just don't see how your idea would add anything more to the board that the dev tracker doesn't provide.
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    I don't see how that would make things any more convenient then the Tracker.
    All the info is there, and linked to - as opposed to needing to sift through the forums for the icon, or just stumbling upon it by happenstance.

    For those looking for important info - it's kind of hard to beat what the Dev Tracker already does.
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