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Thread: Shadow Form Bug

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    Default Shadow Form Bug

    It doesn't work with druid animal forms. You are supposed to be cloaking yourself within shadows and what not. You aren't turning into a different creature. Turbine, you even went out of your way to make shadow training IV apply to druid animal form attacks. I've been looking forward to making my druid full shadow dancer for awhile, and one of the biggest things I was looking forward to was Shadow form. Now I finally get through all the other destinies to get there, only to find out it doesn't work, and that it may not even be a concern.

    So please, I ask that this is fixed please. I wanted to make a melee druid that was doing something different, and this came as a major disappointment. I'm also going to go ahead and fill a bug report on this.

    I'd also appreciate if I could get a dev response on this. I'm okay with waiting for it to be changed, but if its not I don't want to wait around forever wondering about it.
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    Sorry for the Necro but has this been resolved a friend mine is planning on doing this (may either be a tank & druid/rogue duo or an Assassin and 18-20 druid build Build) and it would be a huge bummer not to have this
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