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hmm damage is light only. so any dr not in the form of X/- mean nothing which is great.
but the downside is you don't have improved critical:Lightsaber . which kinda make it hard to increase crit range.

easy fix would be to implant the long waiting for
Ninja Spy III:" Your skill with the blade reach it's pick. You gain Improved Critical: Lightsaber, an additional +2 Balance, Hide, and Move Silently, and an additional +3d6 Sneak Attack (for a total of +6d6). You move an additional 10% faster while sneaking. You can expend ki to preform the Ninja Spy mind trick: "Sit" .
- "sit" :spend 10 ki to force an enemy to fall prawn" (save at 10+monk level+wis modifiers). last 30 sec.

on a side note. i feel that any hit with a Lightsaber should count as critical...

hmm. just looked and ... might be that Ninja Spy ARE the only one who CAN crit with this weapon. they get improved crit short sword. and it is one. any1 else who goes by the pierce\slash crit range will get nothing.
Anyone with improved Crit Pierce would still get the wider range as it is actually a collection of feats including short swords. It came up when devs were explaining why druids needed improved crit bludgeoning because unarmed is under that feat.