Its been awhile since i have been on. And i this game I love playing any Arcane/Melee Characters. I really havnt gotten that high of a level tho. And i have no Characters. So im looking for Any Build suggestions to help me enjoy the game more. I do have the Monk Class, and the WF and Drow Race. Ive Played the Tukaw, and Monk/Wizard which were cool. Ive played bard, BUT it dosnt fill my needs. So i usally multiclass. I do have the lvl 7 start so i will try Multiple Combo's. And ive found out that the new Druid Class. If there is a Build with it that is Better ill buy Druid. Please dont get mad at me, im just a returning player looking for some advice on a Arcane/Melee Build, Perferibly not too Gear Intensive (Even know thats pretty much impossible).

Its alot to ask for and i would really Appreciate and Advice.
Thank you