im trying to make my next life of my prestigeful mosttime thief into something like this for a bit change^^

he will me drow, he will be male and hes mostly neutral or chaotic

will go for thief destiny after all (i guess)

i want assa3, scim or khopesh (scimmi this life) open for a change as well

i love the feat+ and the weapon skills from fighter

and the arti looks nice to me for several reasons (like fast repeaters (maybe a feat on top for even more speed^^))

think i can life with the miss of the cap of 2int and the sneak dice and the right build but since im not such a uber multiclasser, some thoughts would be very nice!

(of course tons of raid, epic and all stats at least+3 till now and access to big pools of shinies)

thanks in advance for help, or return to your hole you useless pack :P