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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaragoss View Post
    I found this

    It is better than everything i can create

    It seems to be very complete, but does not include creatures from Challenges and from Mabar -- which I know count toward Hunter Deeds.
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    Seriously for you to go through all that trouble looking through wiki and whatnot for all that and to put them into a list for everyone. Beyond words your a diehard ddo'er. You should work for turbine with that much time, half these bugs would be gone lol..anyone that agrees please send the OP a +1 anytime you can

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    Default Not Adding

    Just so people are aware, The monsters in Devils Assault are NOT adding to the monster manual. I solo'd epic normal and not got credit for any orthon, fire elemental, troglodyte or bat while in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brian14 View Post
    Here it is:

    No guarantee that every entry actually shows up in MM. In fact some, like Ruwenzori, definitely do not show up. At least not yet.
    Link does not seem to be working. Anyone have or know of a similar list of mobs/locations in Excel form?


    P.S. Serious thanks for this list. Incredible resource.
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    Thumbs up

    Here is the link that was previously mentioned that has a ton of monster manual stuff. Again, I also appreciate everything on this thread as it makes my life a lot easier when I am trying to find certain types of monsters. Thanks so much!!!!
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