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    Default Cormyrian throwing weapons vendor bugged?

    I have a level 16 dwarven fighter that likes to throw things and has the brutal throw feat. I go to buy a great axe on the Eveningstar challenge vendor and the cost is:

    100 lions, 50 tricrowns, 100 toadstools

    Then I try to buy a throwing axe and the cost is:

    200 falcons, another 200 falcons, 100 toadstools

    This can't be right can it? That's a lot of running the same challenge. I hope the payout is a lot higher on falcons if this is the case.

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    In my experience, you can get ~150 falcons on an average run.
    The extra farming isn't that bad, since your thrower usually only has to be decent, not spectacular, so you farm one and then are done.

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    The reason the cost is higher is that all throwing weapons from the challenges come with a hidden effect called spellplague that causes several effects.
    (Taken from the wiki)

    Every hit: Either a random 1d6 hp damage type or stat damage type
    1-2% proc: Any rare shroud damage proc type
    Can additionally proc a huge variety of effects, at a low rate

    You should be able to get each of the required ingredients in 1 or 2 runs of each needed challenge at most.
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