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Can you provide some details on this?

1) Did you LR, GR or TR
2) Exactly what did you lose (Destiny XP, character XP, feats, tomes, something else)
3) When did you LR/GR/TR (an exact date would be nice, a rough date would be sufficient)
Sure I can provide more details:
1. I did a +3 lesser reincarnation to take away 2 classes from my build. Went from Exploiter Rgr18/1Rog/1Mnk to 20 Ranger.
2. I lost the Fury of Wilds innate ability(Adrenaline) that became unavailable(showing 0 uses) after I LR. Although no ticket/switch trees could solve the issue, once Ive earned enough xp again to get another epic action point it became available again. Now it is working flawless.
3. Ive LRd 2 nights ago, December 4th.