25 August, 2012 - Issue 5

Welcome to Issue #5 of the Silver Legion Periodical. Come one, come all! This week we document the continuing misadventures of our guild members and submit them here for your enjoyment.

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Hello and Welcome!,

It's nearing the end of Summer and if they aren't already, very soon the kids will be back in school (at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere). For many of us this will mean the end of annual family vacations, attending our children's sporting or school events, and followed soon thereafter by the changing of the leaves and cooler temperatures heralding the coming of Autumn.

One thing that *is* year-round, though, is the opportunity to laugh at oneself following your latest uber fail in DDO! We've all had them. Some folks choose to rant and rave at the mysterious gaming gods of the world; we here at The Silver Legion prefer to laugh at our foibles! So please, laugh with us!

May your loot be bountiful and your XP plentiful!

~ Jinguizu of Cannith, The Silver Legion Guild Leader
Mistindantacles, Guild Medieval DDO Realm Leader

By, Kreuz. DrKaa serenading his lovely companion on a romantic Red Fens evening. It always starts out like this - they catch your fancy, you spend a wonderfull evening together, then the next thing you know they lead you to your demise. Never trust a hireling, they have an agenda of their own and it isn't in your best interest!

Doh! This static group was so desperate for this chest that one by one they committed suicide! I wonder if they ever got that elusive chest open?

Apparent suicide, death by Aeryth!
Aeryth (HarleyHog), Acetheal (Acetheal), Periscope (Texikan), and Grizzling (Ernie) all done in by electic traps and flesh golems in the Fleshmaker's Laboratory. Its a good thing this was only an optional for the quest and not required for completion. We had a good laugh about it though, so it's all good.

Zombies on parade.
Adding insult to injury - the undead dancing over your apparent death.

Party wipe! Maisock's static group: I think we wiped on this quest at the end ... 6-7 times? Perfect ... our wonderful and long suffering artificer collected our soulstones each time and took us back to the shrine where we buffed and tried again. On this particular attempt we were very amused to discover that not only was Legosil dead, but his body was surrounded and being devoured. We weren't sure whether the hezrou was helping or decided to join in the feast?

Elyzia achieves immortality.

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