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I did two barbarian past lives with a 12 barbarian/7 druid/1 rogue as a way to deal with the lack of self sufficiency of barbarian. My order was slightly different - 1 rogue, 1 barbarian, then all the druid to get access to the druid goodness in the levels it will actually help, then finish with barbarian.

I found it a lot of fun at the low levels - extremely self sufficient, but I also found that reaving roar was more useful in getting more kills On the downside - her healing ability was a little too light to make it really self sufficient at level 18 (this is with 3 pally past lives... and other healing amp enhancements).

As a whole, it was a very fun way to get through a barbarian past life, though mitwo would likely say it was a gimp.
You got that right
Anything you make is gimp
Jk, I actually have been thinking of something in the same kind of way to do 2 more barb past lifes
Since ya cant splash it with monks, I find those the more annoying past lifes to get done myself, since I dont really have any good leveling weapons next to handwraps, and the self sufficiency just isnt the same as that of monks