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    Lightbulb We need new, exciting Bugs!!

    Let's face it, Turbine is lacking luster in the new bugs they develop... It's always the same "add a new quest pack, and the airship shrines become invisible" or "don't talk to that NPC in the quest, or it will fail the whole chain"...

    We need new and exciting bugs that appeal to both the veteran player who is growing weary of the same DDO bugs, as well as the newcomer from other games, accustomed to other types of bugs.

    Therefor, here is my Bug Suggestion Box:

    • Level 1 Drow start out with negative hitpoints. This is by design.
    • Airship shrines are now giving the effects of a Potion of Wonder.
    • Entering a quest with even-number of party members crashes the game client, please refrain from doing so.
    • Currently, all efreeti in the game must be killed at same time in order to advance to Velah fight, please coordinate your attacks across the server while this issue remains.
    • Some characters are starting as a level 25, and regressing to level 1 each level they acquire.
    • Pets and Hirelings have their AI wrongly set too high, Tempys is currently able to finish whole quests by himself, please refrain from using Tempys.
    • Some characters may have changed sex. Putting yourself inside the Stone of Change will revert it back to the original state.
    • Some character may login to find themselves affected by a permanent Reverse Gravity effect. Please keep your Feather Falling item at all times, while we investigate this.

    Edit: There's a world of material in Bug Creation, as the following contributions demonstrate. A Realm revolving around well designed bugs, corrupted graphics, and looping sounds. If only Turbine realized the possibilities for profit...

    from Theender (some mendable errors in the code):
    • Half-elves have larger, more anime looking eyes. This was an error in the attempt to make them look more realistic (...)
    • The stats for kobolds were accidentally replaced with the stats of dragons. We suggest all players to be higher level before attempting Waterworks. And don't provoke Arboth the crazy kobold.
    • Arraetrikos is now green instead of red. It's not easy being green.

    from Galeria (a few glitches in the DDO Matrix):
    • All loading screens are now Gianthold. Please buy the Gianthold adventure pack to revert to varied loading screens.
    • Grease no longer affects player characters. Electric loop and chain lightning however do affect player characters. Please make sure you are separated from your party before casting these spells.
    • The Fly spell is persistent after leaving Reaver's Refuge. All quests and raids have been shut down until this is corrected.

    from knightgf (a couple issues of negligible impact):
    • All attack speeds are now 100% faster. Please use spells or click slower to achieve the intended combat pace in-game.
    • No character has any spell slots in-game.

    from Rubiconn (some teletransportation mishaps, oops!):
    • Portals in Shroud and Shavarath are misconnected. Parties may find themselves incidently teleported from shroud part 1 to Tower of Despair, the Devils battlefield or anywhere within A new invasion and vice versa. Please tread carefully in any of these quests.*
    • Gravity effect has somehow been tripled inside The Pit making all toons unable to jump.
    • Casting Dimension door may inadvertently teleport you anywhere in Eberon or Forgotten Realms.

    from Hafael (some exhilarating inconsistencies):
    • Deconstructing green steel now gives random ingredients from any crafting mechanism in the game
    • Exchanging, selling crafting or looking at a dragonscale results in the scale turning into a Sweet Whitecap.

    from Circon (a few select weapon disorders):
    • Water elementals can only be hurt by ranged unarmed attacks.
    • All monsters in the Red Fens wilderness have received Xyzzy's DR and can only be hurt by baby hounds(...)

    from Cyr (some exquisite and not-so-improbable issues):
    • Handwraps are incorrectly granting 2[W] when they shoud be applying 1[W]. The next hotfix will eliminate handwraps from the game to correct this issue.
    • Bard songs which buff allies are incorrectly effecting enemies instead. Bard songs which effect enemies are incorrectly effecting allies instead. This bug has been listed as low priority.
    • Mordenkain's Disjunction is permenantly erasing effects from items.

    from DeafeningWhisper (a couple 'minor' issues):
    • Harry may just fly off in the middle of part 4.
    • The monster manual spawn a hundred of the monster you just achieved a deed for.

    from smkalinowski (a few dismissable annoyances):
    • Mass heal, now heals everyone...including enemies.
    • Artificer pet will not come out of his box when summoned and box will follow player around. To correct: Dismiss pet, Summon, Defend, Attack, Defend, Dismiss pet, /beg, /grovel, /grovel, /dance, Summon pet, Defend, Attack, Trip, Bluff, Bluff, Diplo, /beg, /sit, Dismiss pet, Diplo, /death, /dance, Summon, Diplo, /cheer.

    from ZeebaNeighba (some correctable errors):
    • The launcher may now take you to a different MMO.
    • The sound that repeating crossbows make when they are fired has a 500% increase in volume. Please stand far away from anyone who may be using a repeating crossbow.

    from vik1 (a few select code typos):
    • Casting artificer buffs on an ESoS causes the ESoS to transmute into a club of the silver flame.
    • Air elementals, instead of just throwing PCs around, now hurl them into other instances.

    from Nospheratus (some irritating fails):
    • The mouse pointer became invisible.
    • Shortcut bars do not remember their state after logout.
    • Caught in the Web: The legs now spawn instantly without any warning.

    from zorander6 (a couple human errors):
    • All jump animations are rendered with a Boing!! sound.
    • Druids can only change form once a week.

    from drwho1985 (some misinterpreted code):
    • TR'ing makes your character a little shorter and fatter each time.
    • The Crucible has been moved to Korthos Island as the introduction quest.

    from AbyssalMage (a few hiccups):
    • All Monks must expend a use of Bardic Music to activate their finishing move.
    • Players may discover that it takes longer to speed up and slow down while running.

    from gphysalis (a few mislocated copy/pastes in the code):
    • Drinking mana pots now kills a random member of your party. Please refrain from drinking mana pots while we reassign this effect to potions of wonder.
    • Attempting to climb up ladders now moves your character in the floor.

    from Cauthey (some neglected WAI bugs):
    • Glitch in Kobold Assault can periodically spring up where the 200th Kobold is not calculated properly, and the quest will not end correctly.
    • Instead of Feather Fall effects slowing your character's descent, they are now accelerating descent.

    from Ayseifn (some deadly hilarities):
    • All Amrath quests now start with and perpetually have red dungeon alert!
    • When a stack of thrown weapons runs out you now start throwing melee weapons! They do not return!

    from JamnJD (a couple happy coincidental errors):
    • The wooden floors in the airships have disappeared. Please equip your featherfall item before boarding.
    • DM volume slider is currently not working and remains at 1.00.

    This is just a small list of the type of Bugs we expect to see in the near future, instead of the same old dull bugs. Feel free to add a couple to the list. What could possibly go wrong!?

    Carry on.
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