Hey there,

just curious about and aleady had some discussions why there is so much difference between what you get depending on where you buy.

On underdark.ddo.com and steam you can get a Motu Standard Edition including Greater learning tome, 1000 TP, Veteran Status 4 and 4 Ebberon Adventure Packs. It's called a Motu Standard Edition. Now in Ingame Store for around same price I can get a Motu Complete pack but it does not include those items that are included in what is called standard. Now this is some behavior Iam somehow confused about. There seem to be something to be meant as standard but a Motu standard is not included in Motu complete. I for myself always thought Complete would not be missing something and include standards.

Of course I know there are TP point offers and such the like in store but also have been those packs having offers in steam or the website so that could not really count to the difference. I do not ask for justification about this as marketing is always another way but I would just like to know why it has been done this way and not just being really the same.

Please beware english isn't my native tongue so there might be some misspelling.