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    Default archery inspiration

    Archery (stave bows) in DDO still are in need of some help, in particular for rangers, rogues, fighters, and even monks--

    Here are some random inspirational YT vids of real life archers.

    This little girl rogue shows off her rapid-fire shoot-n-scoot skirmisher shortbow:

    another good one:

    (For a more in depth look at near/middle-eastern skirmish shooting:

    Just to get it out of the way, here is what RL "Manyshot" looks like up close:
    ...note that "cooldown" timer would appear to be simply nonexistent, shooter being subject only to quiver capacity.

    For the heavy (ranger/fighter) artillery, here is what a serious, period longbow (warbow) should look like, its a real beast!: given enough physical strength/agility to handle a warbow, I'd say any hit is for sure gonna be a serious problem for the "catcher" at any distance...slow rate of fire tho.

    last but not least, here are RL "Monk" types using concentrated "ki" to shoot their /yumi/:


    To contrast, here is what a RL "Artificer" can do with his signature repeater xbow:
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    Pretty dang cool.
    Got me itchin' to make another ranger.

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