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    Default Guest passes for MotU quests?

    I admit, I don't follow discussion/commentary as close as I could (so this might have been covered somewhere), but it looks like there aren't any guest passes available for the expansion quests.

    I'm rather hoping this will change at some point, sooner rather than later. My guild is pretty casual and the half of us who keep active VIP subscriptions (or, in this case, purchased the expansion) frequently buy guest passes for the half who can't/don't... and as it stands, that means that we're not going to be able to do any of the expansion content as a guild for the forseeable future.

    In a more general sense, the expansion is a pretty big commitment - 2500 TP even for the basic quest bundle. I'm sure there are a number of people who don't have it yet who would be more likely to make that purchase if they could preview some of the quests first - which is the exact mechanic that guest passes allow in every other adventure pack in the game.

    All told, I'd say there's a pretty major case to be made for making passes available, in some form.
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    actually i hope they make some at some point. i have friends who couldn't get it yet. you know real life is more important :P A pass would be nice to show them what they can get.

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    Bump on this . . . is this available at this time?
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    Default passes are needed

    I would love to preview the new content and finish my monster manual, we have a guild member (F2P) who loved the idea of getting his rust monster free, but the last two he cant get passes for, they need to get the store set up with what we want to buy. We live in an area where we cant get point cards, so guild guest passes are great before we whip out the credit cards. And getting the packs split up and in the store would be nice, before christmas. Ok thats my 2 bits, next!
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    I solo and even I say "Yes, these should be in the store."

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