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    Default lost bag from shared bank

    So I tried to move a collectible bag into my inventory and due to exclusivity it failed. But the bag has then disappeared. Afraid to log out or zone, here I am waiting for a GM for more than 45 minutes now, having to wake up early in the morning tomorrow and down 21 FRDS, sets of eberron dragonshards of all sizes, various event collectibles, and ingredients for stone of change rituals.

    Is it safe to zone to a different place to check the vendor for buyback?
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    Default same here

    this happened to me too just about 20 minutes ago.
    also still waiting for GM, but no reaction so far.
    also because of exclusive. and the bag did not return into shared bank
    because I have multiple bags in shared bank and you cannot label them I have no idea what I have lost now, until I have checked every bag, and even then, I dont have every item I have in bags in memory. I tried to find a shard that I crafted on another toon

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    Uh oh i would wait for help and not close the banking window, if he says nothing he can do check the vendors asap. I feel bad for you if you lose it.

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    go check your mail box, on the character you were on, when the bag disappeared.

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    Default Lost and Found

    I lost a bag and figured it was gone for good. when I logged back on two hours later it was in the mail as Lost and Found.

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