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    Post Idea: Master List of Complaints/Wish List

    I got the idea from the Master List of Broken Things threads here in the forums. It's not hard to see that alot of players (or at least some of the ones that post on the forums) are dissatisfied with one thing or another. So, let's put those things that we think need improvement into one large thread.

    It's a known fact that the developers read the forums. Sometimes, they even post here. However, they are real people, and like most people have an averse reaction to criticism and YELLING, EVEN IF IT'S ONLY IN TEXT. So, if we the forumites are going to complain, we have to do it carefully so the devs don't skip over the thread and go read something else.

    This thread would be about underperforming or dissatisfying game mechanics, items, classes, enhancements, feats, quests, etc.

    This thread would NOT be about lag, bugs, or players. Nor would it be a place to bash the developers.

    All you'd need to post is what you are dissatisfied with, and most importantly, why.

    Good idea, or bad idea?

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    Wish instead of new content...

    they'd start working on rewriting DDO with whatever new engine and code they're going to use

    hell if they found time to add a race/class or two from FR lore, they could call it an expansion even...

    as long as existing characters are transferred into the the new version [with no changes to them] and then hopefully almost everything will work as intended...

    I would hope people wouldn't be too offended spend a reasonable price [$10-20] for a 6 year old game that works as intended.

    ... can't think anything else at moment...

    except maybe fixing hair on characters that it goes on top of armor instead of into it and Storming the Beaches actually being part of The Sentinels of Stormreach epic chain since no one informed Taggart about the change [epic quest, epic quest, lvl 7 quest then epic quest]

    oh... that's just nitpicking... I'll go with my former idea... let the rewriting begin

    You know I had been using the Superior Sarcasm font exclusively but it seems in a unannounced hotfix they slipped in the Sovereign Sarcasm font... keep up the good work guys!

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