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    Default Cant Purchase Menace of Underdark

    So I'm having an issue that isn't something of a technical issue, its more of a technicality...

    I want to purchase the underdark pack, because it comes with the druid class, All those quests, AND epic destinies for ~5000tp.

    However, I'm a VIP, so I cant purchase any adventure packs. But this isn't JUST an adventure pack, it comes with the druid class (yes, I know I get that for being vip) and Epic Destinies (which I do not.). I would like to purchase it because I have the TP floating around, and should I ever cancel my subscription it's one less thing to worry about.

    If not, I'll have to buy epic destinies now (~1000tp), and then the pack later, because the adventure pack itself is NOT available on its own.

    If I have the TP, why can't you let me buy the menace epic pack?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBlueFox View Post
    If I have the TP, why can't you let me buy the menace epic pack?
    As things stand right now, nobody can buy anything from the DDO store, it's broken.

    Also, it is Turbine's intent that VIP's can't purchase certain things because it would be easier/cheaper to go VIP, buy things on sale, then cancel. They don't want that.

    Not saying its good, just pointing out that it's planned this way for a reason.
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    This issue has now been resolved, and you should be able to buy the pack, even as a VIP subscriber.
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