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For someone that has all their toons capped at 25, they will receive so few mats per run that it could take months to create one item due to overlevel mat penalties. Level 20 toons have no issue, but if you're stuck with only 25's to run with, you simply can't make base items. I'm pretty sure that's the point that is trying to be made. You can't "de-level" your toon to 20 in order to run challenges. Your only option may be to TR and hit them at an appropriate level range your next time through. That's not considered to be an acceptable workaround for most people, I'm guessing.

Yeah I that's what I surmised after my second cup of coffee. I'm such an altaholic I tend to forget other players may not have multiple characters at various levels.

If that is the case, I think creating a designated 'challenge toon' would be in order. Something designed for speed and self-sufficiency with good melee punch that can blast through the challenges at a good clip.