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    Default [Cannith] Looking for, or to form, a quasi-casual group

    Hi all - so like the title says, I'm looking to get together with some folk to run content. Here's my deal - I like questing, exploring, all that jazz, and am in a guild with a few IRL friends. But their playstyle doesn't quite fit mine - they're largely end-game raiders who, when leveling, tend to focus on xp and zerging content. As a premium player, I can't really maintain a bravery streak unless I'm riding their coattails, so I've learned to not care about it too much. But most of my guildies do, so when we do anything, its always opened on elite, and we either zerg it or fail trying (after getting a stone of xp dropped on me, I'm severely under-geared for the content we're doing). That, or I tend to play alone because my characters are too low level to play with them (I was away from the game for a long time).

    Now, don't get me wrong, I don't want to leave the guild - friends are friends after all - but am looking for something on the side - mostly with my alts. Some folk who enjoy playing the game at a less frantic pace and enjoy doing the often undone quests and/or packs (or, at least, the ones you never see advertised on the group panel). I'm eager to get a group of such people together, either through a shared player-created channel, or perhaps a smallish alt-guild.

    If potentially interested, look me up in game as Oarik, or contact me here.

    Peace all!

    Edit: to note, I generally play EST evenings.
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    Default Come check out The Silver Legion

    We have a lot of different playstyles and are a very active guild. You can learn more about us and how to join here .

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    I am a 4 cleric looking for people to group with that don't have all the quests memorized and zerg everything for the best xp/min.

    I prefer a challenge, so hard+ would be ideal, but whatever is fine. I don't mind dying or failing a quest rather than having someone tell me where all the traps are, exactly where to go, etc. I played in a perma-death guild for a few months back in 2010 so I do have some recollection of the quests through about level 7, but everything past that would be completely new to me.

    I am open to what quests to do, even going straight down the list and doing all of them is fine.

    My clerics name on Cannith is Wigg and I play most evenings, EST.

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