I would like to extend an invitation to any mature players interested in building a small guild. I have had people come and go, mostly due to inactivity. I don't like the idea of calling it quits and joining an established guild, and am looking for people interested in a guild they built up themselves. Right now it is level 29, has an airship and a few buffs. If this is something that may interest you, please leave a reply or contact my charaters Slayu of Rabbitpunch in-game. Please keep the following in mind:
-I am looking for adults, so please be at least 18 (I am 38). I am not opposed to having children in the guild, as long as they are accompanied by an adult (i.e. your son or daughter) and people are made aware of who they are so as not to use "adult" language with them.
-please be in it for the people, not the buffs. I have had several people leave for higher level guilds for the ship buffs. I would prefer to attain the level to access those buffs myself.
-Be respectful of others, meaning all others, not just guildies. I like they idea of other players seeing the guild name and saying " those guys and gals are alright".
-Voice is prefered, but not required. I enjoy some conversation while playing
- Most importantly, enjoy the game.

That about sums it up. No play requirements or anything like that. I look forward to hearing from you