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    Default [Argonnessen] GGN's Lockhart Legion

    What is this about?
    Lockhart Legion has teamed up with The Gambit Gaming Network to create a Guild in DDO.

    Current Level:

    We are looking for fun loving members that focus mainly on enjoying the game and leveling the guild above alnything else. It is more of a social Guild then anything.
    We also aim to help new members with missions.

    We accept all levels, races, classes.

    - Work with everyone. (do not cause drama/fights with guild members)
    - Try and help when you can.
    - Do not be overly noobish. (If I can solve your issue by googling it then you should not have needed to ask.)

    To join, Send a Tell to "Phash", "Vrashi", "Ranami", or "Lanilin". (or Send mail to Phash)
    Or you can reply here or send a message to me on the forums.

    There is a recruitment process, part of which will consist of having to party with us so we can see what you are like on a mission (mainly to test your character).

    What is The Gambit Gaming Network?
    Well for starters we are a network of Gamers, Clans, Guilds etc, who have joined up to play games together.

    We may switch from game to game as we get bored or when we find something new we want to play and as a network it makes it easier to find other people to play those games with. So matter what you are playing, you will not have to play it alone. (Hopefully :P )

    So I would like to invite anyone who loves to play games together, to join us and enlarge this network together!
    Because no one likes playing with themselves! xD

    Current Guilds/Clans/etc in The GGN:
    Lockhart Legion
    Passion Guild

    History of The GGN
    • The Gambit Gaming Network officially started 10 years ago in the year 2002.
    • In about 3 months we grew to over 500,000 members as "Video Game Networking" sites were still quite a new thing.
    • In 2003 the host of The GGN closed their doors and with the host went all of the members and the website/forums.
    • With no way to contact all 500,000 and no backup of the data The GGN hit its first road block.
    • In 2005 The GGN was reopened on a new host and within 2 months we rose to 20,000 members.
    • However just like in 2003 (and apparently I did not learn my lesson the first time) The GGN lost its members and data due to the host being a cyber terrorism victim.
    • In 2007 The GGN reopened once again on ANOTHER new host and withing 2 months we gained 500 members.
    • From 2007 to 2012 the site has stuck at a low number and has had many little bumps with the host but stayed strong.
    • In 2012 the host corrupted the data of The GGN.
    • In 2012 The GGN moved to Enjin forums.
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