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    Default The Silver Legion Periodical - Volume #1 Issue #4

    18 August, 2012 - Issue 4

    Hello and welcome to the Silver Legion's Periodical Issue #4. In this issue our own all Warforge Rainbow 6 squad static group make an appearance, we find dragons in unexpect places, and everyone wants to know if Elyzia will find her new pet? Read on and see for yourself, enjoy!
    To view all of our previous fun filled issues please go to our
    Issue Archives

    Hello and Welcome!
    Here in The Silver Legion, static groups have come to be a staple of many of our members' DDO gaming experience. Given that these static groups pull players from all four corners of the globe, every week, at the same time, is quite an accomplishment in today's helter-skelter, last-minute, mercurial social obligations. So starting this week and every week moving forward we'll be bringing you the inside scoop and antics of The Silver Legion's own static groups.
    In this week's issue we celebrate *the* iconic creature of Dungeons & Dragons - Dragons! Here they are in all their glorious majesty!
    May your loot be bountiful and your XP plentiful!
    ~ Jinguizu of Cannith, The Silver Legion Guild Leader
    Mistindantacles, Guild Medieval DDO Realm Leader

    Remember when you encountered your first dragon? If you were like me it was at Misery's Peak when you came face to face with the dragon Aussircaex. That was most likely your first of many OMG moments; I know it was mine! It's a truely awe-inspiring sight when you are a wet-behind-the-ears new player! Ah ... good times and fond memories.

    If you don't find regular dragons to be enough of a challenge then how about taking on an Ethereal dragon?
    I hope you came prepared!

    From Olds...
    The Rainbow 6 squad of robots in our TNSG (Thursday Night Static Group) were all pretty proud of ourselves for getting through a very long drop, down a force trapped "shaft of sorts" - especially considering 4 out of 6 of the controllers behind the robots were new to Litany and the two who weren't were definitely not masters. A couple of deaths on the way down and suddenly the floor fell out and we were laughing about our luck for landing in a safe spot, the bard sang a song, and everyone posed for a picture... er, wait -- who invited that thing?

    "Baldric Getting Ready to Die"
    I'm sure this dragon is thinking ... Yummy, a bite size tasty morsel, just perfect for a mid day snack!

    Frozen for eternity and locked in battle for all time, I think this giant might be calling for his mommy! Maybe he should have brought some buddies for backup.

    Elyzia finds her new pet!
    Did you figure out what it would be?

    Guild Medieval, founded in March of 2001, is committed to providing a drama free, family oriented, people focused gaming environment for its members across a multitude of online games. If this sounds like what you've been looking for, come check us out at
    Officer of The Silver Legion on Cannith

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    Beautiful shot of Aussicarex. I was thinking the other day of my first time in the grotto. I probably spent an hour there the first time.

    By the way, I came back a couple of days later and got that green weenie. He faded away before the screenshot. I know, no screenshot or it didn't happen. He's a faint outline. No, really. Check my rare encounter log.

    What do you mean a -6 armor class is no good any more?

    Proud handler of Baldric, Melkazar, Clant, Mulray, Tirimon, Mallon.
    Remember, if one of them falls off a cliff, it's actually my fault.

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    For a limited time only in the DDO Store - dragon pets! DDO's largest pets ever!

    795 tp - White Dragon cosmetic pet
    795 tp - Green Dragon cosmetic pet
    795 tp - Red Dragon cosmetic pet
    1595 tp - Dragon cosmetic pet bundle - 1 each of White, Green and Red Dragons

    395 tp - Dragon breath trick - This treat will teach your pet to breath ice, acid or fire!
    395 tp - Dragon fly trick - This treat will teach your pet to fly in circles!

    Sorry! I don't want any adventures, thank you. Not Today. Good morning! But please come to tea -any time you like! Why not tomorrow? Good bye!
    - Bilbo Baggins

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