The Lords of the Nightfolk Guild is a Halfling/Rogue themed Guild just formed on the Cannith Server, We are looking to fill are ranks with active players that enjoy the shady side of DDO. All Races of The Rogue/Bard/Ranger/Arti classes either Multiclass or pure are welcome... If you like toying with traps, being stealthy, picking locks, and even bluffing/haggling/backstabbing..Then we want you!!!! This is a also a Halfling race based guild so applying recruits of that race will be promoted to a officers Rank. I will state it again that membership is open to everyone that enjoys the back alley over the bright city lights. Join now and help us grow into THE CANNITH ROGUES GUILD... Until 5th level can be reached ( which should be soon) You can apply by reaching me in game (or mailbox) as Revenchist Lord Merchent -Guild leader- or my Partner in crime Xgress of The Dept. of Darkness Guild... Thank you..Come Help us Grow!!