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    Default Looking for a roleplaying guild in Cannith

    I'm looking for roleplayers in Cannith!
    I'm not a "hardcore" player, since I have a job and I can't play as much as I like... ^___^ I'd love to find a group of players to do quest and develope our characters. (English is not my mother language, but I can handle myself quit good)
    I've played pen and paper D&D since 2nd edition, and I am usually strongly oriented on acting, I'm not a "powerplayer" ^__^
    Here in DDO I role as an elf ranger come from far beyond and is trying to get back home. The point is, I've played WoW for years, and I don't want to loose the character, so... he have been "teleported" here, along with the soul of his wolf companion, that ia now inside a machine (he is an artificer here).
    If you are interested in share adventures with me, the name of my character is Ghellar Silbermonde!

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    I know the thread states Cannith but wasnt sure what lvl your toon is soooo here goes nuthin!

    We are an RP guild on Sarlona. We would love to have someone like yourself join our guild. I know it would mean rerolling but I and a few others are staying at a low lvl to help new people.

    Come and check us out. If you like what you see please apply. links in sig

    If you dont want to switch servers then thats ok too

    Good luck in your search!
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    Looking for a role play home or just a place to enjoy the journey through Eberron then come and check us out! New to role play then come and ask I wont bite.

    My RP Blog on Grimnal
    Official Recruit Thread
    Guild Site

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    I've been taking a look at your site, and I must say that I am in love XD
    But... do you think that my "elf from other world" role fits in your RP?
    If you say yes, I'll move assap to Sarlona!!

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    Default Recruitment

    Dear Prospect,
    We are recruiting roleplayers. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE BERSERKERS or "ZERGS!" We are a medieval/military/Templar based roleplaying guild that has melded my ADnD 2nd addition "tabletop" campaign of over 20 years w/DDO's campaign.
    I am a DM from ADnD 2nd addition and have been for over 20 years. Our guild is level 31 and has an airship w/all amenities, we are active, however we are recruiting more and more to increase the amount of active members so that at any time (24/7) anyone from our guild should be able to log on and find enough guild members to quest with (so as not to have to find strangers for that.)
    If you are interested (and like minded enough) to roleplay 13th century Templar style, then contact me "Ghonja" on Thelanis server through the floating mailboxes and/or here/or at:
    King Ghonja Flowingwater of Earth
    Grand Master of The Knights of The Covenant

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