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    Default Can you see HP on friendly mobs?

    According to Update 15 Release Notes:

    NEW It's no longer possible to see the hit points of friendly non-combat monsters/NPCs.

    Can you see hit points of your pet, if you happen to have Mastery of its type? What about friendly combat monsters, like allied Sahuagin in "Into the Deep"?
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    You can still see most friendly monsters HP.

    No idea why they did this, seems really lame imo. Maybe worried ppl would rage when they find out Coyle only has 62 hp on normal.

    And its a mostly fail change, I can still see most NPC's hp if I've unlocked the related type. Only a few dont display randomly, then later in the ques they do.

    Ana Barbener's hp for example only sometimes shows.. She has about 20k on normal, and 30k on hard. Hardly enough to "tank the whole raid", tho durable enough to take some hits.

    And no, it doesn't work on pets. I have wolf unlocked for example, but I can't see my friends pet wolfs hp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shade View Post
    Coyle only has 62 hp on normal.

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