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    Default A lottery improvement suggestion/idea

    The haste pot, rage pot, barkskin pot lotteries aren't too useful for me -- sure maybe I'm one of 'those' players the game shouldn't be tailored to, but a stack of 5 potions that can easily be bought in game from a vendor for platinum seems like it would barely barely even help out the newest of players.

    Here are some ideas of varying usefulness that would benefit all players new and old:
    • Make them stack with plat purchased pots from ingame vendors... (lamest solution)
    • Make the lottos offer larger stacks 20-50 (best balance?)
    • Make the pots CL:20 (worth bothering with)

    I realize in many cases these lottos represent items sold in the store, might be worth thinking about changing those in some fashion too.

    The larger stacks idea that is probably the most balanced option could be something like (10*(d4))+10 so you get a minimum of 20 but potentially 50...
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    Default another idea

    instead of 1 enter all at the top entering us in all the lame hair style changes and equally pointless stuff lottos have a enter all characters at the top of each individual lotto entry. As it is I tend to hit enter all and if I win that junk I throw it away.

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