alright so ive capped 3 druids so far to try and break the class, and heres what i found from it, it might as well be useful to say that im a zerger by nature and mostly solo stuff up until necro4/vale/reavers so if u like smelling flower my opinions might be far from what u will find urself :

horrible, dps was certainly not great, survivability was not decent either (no evasion and i tend to gather DA2 before killing anything), it wasnt all that bad while lvling coz raving roar is pretty gd up until lvl 16), all in all id much rather be something else while lvling and at epic lvls as well. TOON DELETED

easy to lvl up to cap, u get firewall, ice storm, the enhancements are really good, AP wise you r really really tight so it sucks a bit but u can still lvl to 20 very easily. survivability is OK but not great. soloin is easy enough up to u reach vale. at epic lvls tho u gonna want to kill urself coz the only thing u r good for is to throw down an earthquake+storm of vengeance and even then u hardly gonna get the kill, more often then not u have to come to terms with what ur job really is, u r there to make ppls life easier, ur not in for glory or kills, u just there to be a number really which sucks, not to mention ur cold DOT ovverides niacs so any arcane is gonna be ****ed if u throw that in there and do less dps then they do (which is a given since ur dps sucks)

drunk hybrid:
this was quite fun tho, 2 lvls of monk gave me evasion and even if the reflex was **** u could still feel the difference, u can self heal and throw in some on proc wraps or debuff wraps to help out, ur dc's are gd enough for lvling and weak at cap, but mainly u gonna be throwin earthquakes+body of the sun+AOE+on proc wraps at this stage and u can easily solo pretty much anything. at cap u can solo EH quests but they take too long that u feel u were better off as an arcane or monk+(insert build here).

think what im tryin to say is. druid is overall weak, u are always relying on either earthquakes or the mobs not having enough HP to survive too long on a firewall. sure as hell its fun to go into epics and see the whole group stuck on a mob and u just walk on it earthquake and have every1 call u a cheat lol but its not enough to justify spending cash on it at all