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U14 rebalanced the ML of crafted vs. random gen items to be the same, so that means that anything you can craft you can use 2 levels sooner than the same item found in a chest. Under such a system, items pulled from a chest would have absolutely no value, monetary or otherwise, beyond the amount of essences that can harvested from them.
As Scraap helpfully pointed out, that's not true.

Its also worth noting that random loot still has very high value to non-crafters and lower-level players. Crafting requires a very high investment in time, platinum, and turbine points. There is simply no way a low-level, first-life character is going to craft decent gear for himself.

Using Scraap's example: that Devotion +54 shard requires Divine Level 88. That's probably 2-4 million plat invested in crafting, plus 600 TP for ingredients bags(just TRY to craft without them, I dare you) and another 400-500TP for success boosters and experience potions.

Not everyone is willing to spend TP on crafting, and lower-level characters certainly don't have 4 million floating around to blow on an item they can buy on the AH for a few tens of thousands.

Not everyone WANTS to craft. For those of us that do, we want it to be worthwhile.

NOTE: yes I am aware you can buy ingredient bags on the AH, if you paid attention to my example I was taking the standpoint of a level 8 first-life character. I've never seen over a Large bag in the AH and never for under 250k, I use a Huge and a Gargantuin in my crafting exploits and still have a tough time getting by.