so ppl keep on asking, and most recently ive promised manntis and fay that id post this somewhere so here it is. FTS new xp grind timetable. PLS note that this list intended for a 36pt life. First and second lifers can dramatically reduce the amount of repetitions and more often than not ignore a set of quests altogether.

Im gonna try and keep description to a minimum since this list will be a massive wall of txt, so if u have any questions pls feel free to ask in comments. And pls do so coz ur question might be some1’s else as well and answering it once on comments > answering lots of times in game ^^

Goals with this set up:
1. Minimize time to finish a TR from lvl 0-21
2. Some quests are not run at all even though they are excellent xp/min and some are not run on epic. This is by design in order to not hurt yourself during epic lvls while tryin to get ED xp.
3. Some of the quests are there only for favor unlocks, of special note coin lords, house K and argonessen. I normally ignore all other favor while on a TR grind, mostly coz Im just gonna TR again straight away, but if u plan on staying at epic lvls for a while then I recommend you to skip favor and just run back and do then once you on epic lvls.
4. Attain at least one lvl on any ED before tr’ing again.

This list assumes that:
1. You know the quests and can efficiently zerg your way through it.
2. There is a caster in group, who is capable of nuking a whole room worth of mobs on elite at lvl with 1-2 spells max (by not having it your overall time will increase at least 50% to 150%)
3. You have access to invisibility and have invested somewhat into “move silently” or have ways of increasing you score on that skill. YES move silently is very useful ^^
4. You have access to the packs you will need in order to run each and every quest described in this guide
5. MOST IMPORTANTLY: YOU HAVE A GODDAMN OPENER for quests life Shadow Crypt, Bloody crypt and others that require such an opener. If u plan on wasting your time flagging for quests on every single life u do by the end of your 10th life you would have wasted time flagging that would be sufficient to have completed your 11th life ;p (math might be somewhat overly exaggerated in here but you get the damn idea)
6. You are not wasting your time flagging for raids. Things like ADQ, Pikers Fate, Shroud, etc. whle very tempting to flag, u seriously not gonna be running them. Your goal is to reach 21 asap and wasting time/xp doing raids or flagging for them is just outright stupid.
7. You Have a Greater Tome of Learning and a +20% xp pot running at all times

Here's the quest list order which includes difficulty, frequency and some notes:
Buying Time – CR20
--take level 2--
Stealthy Repossession E,Hx5,N
Recovering the Lost Tome E,H,N
Information is Key E
--take level 3--
Durk's Got a Secret Ex8,H,N
Information is Key Hx3,N
--take level 4--

Butcher's Path E
Haverdasher E
Garrison's Missing Pack E
Kobold's New Ringleader Ex6,H,N
Water Works parts 1,2,3,4 E
Sunken Sewer E
Missing In Action E
--take level 5--

Water Works 1-4 H
Where There's Smoke E
The Captives E
Catacombs part 1 E
Catacombs part 2 E
Doom of the Witchdoctor Ex8,N,H (I normally don’t have an opener for that so I run Tangleroot until I reach that quest, the flaggin quests are easy, quick and the xp is nice as well but not worth repeating)

--take level 6--
Tomb of the Immortal E,Hx7,N (1 min; Observance)
The Stomreaver Fresco E
Dirty Laundry E
Come out and Slay E
Irestone Inlet E (normally only do it coz of Renown and only if I have 3 or more ppl in party)
Depths of X chain (all 4) E
--take level 7—
Bloody Crypt E,Hx6,N (requires opener)
Ruined Halls E
Lair of Summoning E
Forgotten Caverns E
Chamber of Insanity E
Halls of Shan-to-Kor (STK part 3) E,Hx4 (requires opener)
Delera's part 1 E
Delera's part 2 E (all optionals)
Tear of Dhakaan E (I don’t normally do any optionals apart from killing red names that spawn on my way, mostly coz im normally soloing or group size won’t allow the split)
--take level 8--
Delera's part3 E
Tear of Dhakaan Nx6,H (If you can get optionals in a timely manner by all means do it, if not don’t worry since your way ahead of schedule by now anyways)
--take level 9--
Delera's part2 Hx7,N (all optionals)
***I normally skip Xorian, mostly coz im not familiar with the quest enough to finish it in a way that makes the quest worth it***
--take level 10--

Delera's Part 4 E,Hx8,N (all optionals, ransack, conquest)
The Arena E
Prisoner of the Mind E
Fathom the Depths E,Hx6,N
--take level 11--

The Jungle of Khyber E (all optionals, ransack)
Shadow Crypt Ex7,H,N (requires opener; Duo Paths for short completion)
--take level 12--

The Jungle of Khyber E,Hx9,N (Ransack; Notes: all optionals)
Library of Threnal E,H
Escort the Expedition Ex3 (If you don’t have a partner that knows how this quest goes then for the life of Lolth skip this)
--take level 13--

Dreams of Insanity E,Hx8,N
Fallen Shrine Ex6,H,N
Maraud the Mines Ex7,H,N
Offering of Blood E,Hx4,N
And the Dead Shall Rise E,Hx6,N
--take level 14--

Tomb of the Wizard King E,Hx8,N (Notes: all optionals)
Diplomatic Impunity E
Framework E
Eyes of Stone E
Invaders! E
Relic of a Sovereign Past E,H (non-combat optional is a must here)
--take level 15--

Framework E,Hx7,N
Blockade Buster Ex9,H,N
Feast or Famine E
Cabal for One E
Trial by Fire E
Maze of Madness E
Foundation of Discord E
Cry for Help E
--take level 16--
Feast or Famine Hx5,N
Cabal for One Hx5,N
Trial by Fire Hx5,N
Maze of Madness Hx5,N
Cry for Help Hx5,N

Prison of the Planes E,Hx4,N
Inferno Of the Damned E
Ghosts of Perdition E,Hx7,N
Fleshmaker's Lab E,Hx4,N
Temple of Vol Ex8,H,N (Bring BB and Sunburst, with one player on each side you can easily complete elite in 3mins or less)
--take level 17--

Litany of the Dead Ex9,H,N
Missing E,Hx6,N
--take level 18--
Running with the Devils E,Hx8,N (5 min; Conquest, Ransack; Notes: including devil optional)
Rainbow in the Dark E,Hx4,N (Only advisable with BB)
Web of chaos Chain + Beyond the Rift E (the first time completion on E makes it worthwhile running once but no more than that unfortunately due to quests time being normally a bit longer then everything else in its lvl range but hey we all want to get to eveningstar asap once we cap)
Monastery of the Scorpion E,Nx6,H
Ritual Sacrifice E
Sane Asylum E,Hx8,N
I Dream of Jeets E
Sunken Parish E
Shipwrecked Spy E
Finding the Path E
Eye of the Titan E
Dream Conspiracy E
Enter the Kobold E,Nx6,H (if everything went right you can either skip this or take lvl19 and do it to cap)
--Congrats on level 20--.

At this point you gonna want to do each of the challenges on epic CR23 once and then do one run on Epic Hard of each quest in House P, House D, Red Fens (skip quests done during leveling)
I normally would recommend Epic Hard instead of Epic Elite coz EE is just too time consuming and you can easily solo/duo Epic Hard, after you done with this its time to hit the bank and prepare for your next life ^^


E = Elite
H = Hard
N = Normal
A multiplier like "x5" means run that difficulty five times.

PS: its fair to say that this is based off from Carpones excellent guide (]) with a few variations and updates of my own to adjust better to either Solo purposes or when u draggin a bad pug through quests.