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    Default The Silver Legion Periodical - Volume #1 Issue #3

    11 August, 2012 - Issue 3

    Welcome to the Silver Legion's Periodical Issue #3. Presenting more of our guild members antics, accomplishments, and awkward moments. To view all of our previous fun filled issues please go to our Issue Archives

    The Silver Legion Officers Message:

    Hello everyone!

    Back by popular demand, we bring to you the third edition of the Silver Legion Periodical. They said it couldn't be done. They said "You're crazy". They said... Well, things you just don't repeat in a nice publication like this one. Anyway, maybe this time you'll find out what Elyzia's pet turned out to be. Or maybe you'll see our very own Warforged recon team, the Rainbow Six. Or maybe you'll just see things that amused us and that we hope will amuse you. Thank you for reading and look for the periodical again next week.

    The Silver Legion Guild Successor
    Guild Medieval Realm Lord

    Even our outstanding guild leader has his "what was I thinking" moments.
    Mistindantacles (Hernystiri) writes: "What a noob ... I trashed my bowl from OOB."
    Zawabi was not impressed and sent him back into the desert to steal the Blood Offering to Vulkoor. Only then could he get the blood bowl from Calyx and once more return to Zawabi ... the things we do for loot.

    Unfinished Business.
    Submitted by Cloista.
    Finally decided as I needed lots of quick easy xp, to finish my 5000 of each Vale Slayer which had been at 4200 since Cloista capped nearly 2 years ago. Netted me 137,671 xp after pot/voice bonuses. Many thanks to Mistindantacles (Hernystiri), hoffa (Utke) and Isgrimnur for their help with the final runs.

    Don't you just love XPs from first time Vale runs?

    Olds-Cool writes: When the queen is away, the robots will play... Penand Paper, Earth Savant/Master of acids and tiny pebbles is seen here bringing the party whilst Aethalsted pretends he understands pomp AND circumstance. We've all had to wait around while someone is recalling and rerunning out to the ADQ pre-raid quest after falling off of a ledge or accidentally dying. If you are always THAT person and wonder what's happening while the mop up unit is waiting for you to step in, here's your answer.

    Oh no, he's at it again! Burning books in the library will get you banned for life! Wizards everywhere are weeping. Oh, the injustice of it all. We can't take our sorceror anywhere, he thinks books are for starting fires ... no wonder we can't have nice things.
    Horkster, DVS1, HarleyHog, Maisocks, Sabresquirrel, and ScOOby in Sorrowdusk Temple.

    Will Elyzia ever find her perfect pet? The search continues...

    Guild Medieval, founded in March of 2001, is committed to providing a drama free, family oriented, people focused gaming environment for its members across a multitude of online games. If this sounds like what you've been looking for, come check us out at
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    Lol...*Head Bite!!* That cracked me up!

    Stavarice, the pyromaniac sorceror, has a long history of burning down libraries and making fun of "wiz-nerds" in Stormreach. I bet I have a few more screenshots stashed away somewhere...

    Stavandal - Guild Leader of 'The Silver Legion' of Cannith, a part of Guild Medieval

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    Cool! question.

    Anybody else in your guild besides officers or guild Vets?

    Where's the picture of your entire cast?

    Maybe....even....45% of them?


    Guild pic, anyone?
    They're doing it wrong.

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    The Silver Legion is a fairly fast growing, guild, receiving 14 new applicants weekly on average. So we have members of all levels - DDO veterans, those brand new to the game, those who know *juuuuust* enough to get themselves into trouble mid-quest and surrounded by monsters, and everything in-between. We have skilled players, incompetant players (read: me), players who play for laughs and those that play for loot and XPses. So to answer your first question, yes we have many members that are not officers or "vets", as you so put it.

    As for a guild pic ... The Silver Legion is a very large guild, with 183 active accounts (as of this penning), with members in the United States to Europe (England, Scotland, Finalnd, Greece, Portugal, and more!) to the Middle East (Israel, for instance), and the "far side of the world" - Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan) and Australia. Some folks only play one or two nights a week. Some every couple of weeks as a break from "honey-do lists". Others play every day, off and on, all day. And still others do play just about every evening.

    So typically we average between 15 and 20 people only at any given time, 24 hours a day, which at best is 11% of our overall guild membership. Therefore, organizing a guild pic would be nigh impossible.

    But given your opening statement you seem to be enjoying the periodical, and that's all it's for, really.

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    Good shift.
    You are most welcome for the prompt
    They're doing it wrong.

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    Default Similar idea.

    I personally would love to get a guild screen shot, even in a couple shots at different times. Perhaps we could coordinate via the forums for a few times/dates where people could log onto the ship for a quick screenshot. Everyone wearing their cutest outfits, and most epic gear (Muckbanes & Starter Rags FTW!).

    Might be something to kick around.

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    Would be interesting to try anyway. I saw 43 guildies logged on once. I think that was the most I've ever seen logged in at one time.
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