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    Default Quest Feedback: Thorn and Paw

    Use this thread for feedback on the U15 quest "Thorn and Paw"!

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    A nice quest with no real problems here, again with my level 17 cleric. At one point there was a dire bear that did not seem to want to play but other than that no problems at all.

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    Ran it quick on my sor mainly cuz i wanted to flag to check if the final thing was a raid or any thing cool..

    1 shot every mob on epic normal .. got some moderate xp and junk loot.

    About as expected really, short very basic quest, nothing much to note.

    overall I would say thorn and paw is a quest.

    bug notes:
    -mappoints are all string table error
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    I ran it on EN with a capped AA ranger and a hire. Easy run, the hire slept through most of it.

    - Sith druids with sickles. None of them has an -ix prefix though.
    - Spike pits.

    - The 'clear side wings in order to proceed further' mechanic has been done to death.
    - Anti-zerg and anti-sneak mechanics, you have to kill stuff in order to advance.

    - Monsters bounce back like those from explorer areas (WAI?).
    - One or two bears are in a permanent state of hibernation.
    - The corruption nodules are referred to as 'corruption nodes' (which is more fitting) in the objective window.
    - This is one the three quests I couldn't complete on one of my runs, it bugged at the end after spoking to the druid.
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    Ran it on Epic Hard with my level 23 WF LD and the lvl 23 FVS Hireling.

    Killed everything but the 1 dire bear that wouldn't activate. Did all Optionals

    Talked to "Carm Woodrusk" looted both the chests in Carms' cave and also the chest for the "Den Mother". Quest bugged and never checked off the
    "Find a way into the Druids's Den" quest objective.

    Was in this one for sometime. Very Sad Panda that it bugged for no completion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noir View Post
    Ran it on Epic Hard with my level 23 WF LD and the lvl 23 FVS Hireling.

    Killed everything but the 1 dire bear that wouldn't activate. Did all Optionals

    Talked to "Carm Woodrusk" looted both the chests in Carms' cave and also the chest for the "Den Mother". Quest bugged and never checked off the
    "Find a way into the Druids's Den" quest objective.

    Was in this one for sometime. Very Sad Panda that it bugged for no completion.
    Happened to me too.

    The quest is a pretty standard quest, no puzzle of any kind, no specially impressive mobs, bland storyline.
    There are some good things tho:
    + The environment look good.
    + It's a good idea to have the spikey hole mechanism in a quest. (just don't use it everywhere)
    + The corrupted node optional is pretty easy but still requires some searching

    My main concern is the same with all the new quests, they don't look anything exceptional. The Motu quests all had something making them stand out. These ones... not really.

    Reward wise... Well I coudln't complete it, but xp is OK. Could probably be duoed on EH with splitting for some correct xp.

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    Lev 20 rogue on heroic normal.

    I liked it, overall. The 'run this way, run all the way back' is fairly irritating, but having new mobs to fight on the way back slightly lessens the tedium. Having a easter egg hunt in there doesn't help though - miss one and you're running back and forth through completed content several times. Nice environment, but it does get tedious the fourth time you go through the corridors. I can definitely see D-door being used strategically on epic elite.

    I too encountered the sleepy bear that didn't want to play, but otherwise no major bugs. Lovely environment as before.

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    Difficulty: Epic Normal
    Character: lvl 25 Human Wizard, Palemaster. 0 Epic destiny points spent.

    This was the 2nd new quest I tried, after Outbreak. By now I've gotten used to playing a Wizard again and it was much smoother.

    Took my Onyx Panther & Epic FVS Hireling along for the ride.

    My first impression of the quest was that it was so beautiful, especially after being stuck in a hospital with vinestalkers.

    I thought this quest was a little easier than Outbreak, due to the lack of Willow Wisps. Pretty straight forward quest.

    - The Five Druids you have to take down were tough, but not difficult. Seeing Druid Mobs was fun, although I would have preferred seeing at least 1 melee wolf druid boss as opposed to them all being spell casters. Their outfits were really nice, hopefully that shows up in game sometime.

    - After defeating the corrupted nodules 1 or 2 bears in each hallway would remain passive and not become mobs. At first I thought this was a bug but then thought it might be WAI, and that they were normal bears who didn't have the corruption of nature effect.

    - The end fight was challenging but not difficult on epic normal. I liked how the DM referred to the boss as a "giant bear and her druid companion."

    - The quest completed for me.

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    20/5 DoS Pally/Sentinel ran solo

    Kind of a classic back and forth get the lighter fluid, find the lighter, burn the rope off the gate to proceed kinda deal.

    Killed everything no problems at all. Though there was this one bear who even when poked just kept sleeping.

    Got the impression it was a cool level design but once again it was way to dark. Like most levels since U14 and these new quests for U15 it seems like they were designed for players to have access to low-light / darkvision both of which were removed (I liked them as they were btw).

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    Pretty straightforward quest. It was pretty easy to spot the corruption nodes, as I could backspace them even out of line of sight.

    I was expecting the druids to cast more spells, or even shape change. It was a little disappointing they didn't. The druids also don't have any animal companions, which seems a waste.

    I did enjoy fighting the big denmother though.
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    Enjoyable quest. Difficulty is on par with the other quests in this update.

    -Nice scenery. Screenshot settings aplenty in there.
    -Glad that there is something to do when returning to the main chamber from clearing out a wing.
    -After clearing out the wings, it's a short path to the final fight instead of dragging it out. It's an "Alright. Let's do this!" moment.
    -Spike traps used in quests.

    -Quite a bit of back-tracking in this one. Having things to like pick up seeds and mobs to take down livened it up, but still... Wouldn't mind seeing a rare optional fight in the halls or something random to spice it up.
    -The sleeping bears take too long to get up when they notice you. The regular ones are usually dead before they get to their feet.
    -I've only run this solo, maybe it goes faster grouped, but it seems like there aren't enough chests for the length of the running.

    -Some of the bears have very short leashes. In one of the wings you break the corrupted node and 2 bears come at you, take about 3 swings, and get the white dot above their heads and become invulnerable. Same thing in the final fight. Are they meant to be that short?
    -No commendations in any of the chests.

    -Was having trouble with the final fight bugging out but it ran great after today's update.

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    Bugged quest. No NW shrine. Also, the entangle mechanic needs to be revisited. My caster has a 50+ REF save, and was still constantly being entangled. (I suppose the spell is Snare.) That's 40 seconds of not being able to take any actions. Yeah, lots of fun there.

    You attempt to save versus snare. You roll a 19 (+7): strength failure!
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    Ran this 2x on live server,
    1st, lv 18, HH Killed Node first then Den Mother, and everything else in quest was done. Quest Bugged, Still said had a Node to kill.
    Put in Ticket: asked GM to re spawn Last node..
    GM: To bad so sad, Do the quest over. this is not a known issue. BS.
    1 1/2 hr lost.
    2nd run with Friends from guild.
    lv's 21 to 23 (3 people) Run on EH
    Killed first 2 nodes and everything else.
    Saved Node on last fight, Killed Den Mother. then took out last node. got all 3 chests but could not get the completion or the xp.
    Real Nice
    BUGGED again.

    In both runs,. Thanks for another Bugged quest.

    QA needs to get there act together
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    Arrow Thorn and Paw LIVE

    Thorn and Paw is fun and the art department did an exceptionally good job on the decor. I appreciate the simple layout - enter from the south, objectives east and west, end fight in the north. This kind of layout makes for an easy "divide and conquer" approach which often cuts down completion times. After I'm done with my initial experience in a dungeon I value any ways which corners can be cut in this manner.

    I dislike snare.
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