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    Quote Originally Posted by Vordax View Post
    What is the source of this fact? I have never seen a dev mention what the level progression of tomes is in the loot table, apparently you have seen a post about this, could I get a link?

    Impaqt mentions, deal and the demon on hard, so level 24, maybe a loot gem going to 25/26. The progression may not be what you think it is.
    Thousands of players. wiki. etc.
    It was accurate for U13. If things have changed in U14, well thats what well figure out.

    Due to the high vargueness of the replies tho on that subject, i'd like a screenshot evidence of tomes outside the range ive specified.

    re: End rewards having +3s below lvl23: Yes end rewards are higher loot tables. Generally at least +2 for normal. Not new for U14, tho functions a lil differnet now. Like to see a +3 in a non 23 chest, not reward.
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