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    I've been collecting screenshots of the beloved leader of my guild on Argo for some time. Looking through them this weekend, I decided to combine them into a wallpaper of sorts. It was suggested that I should share it among a wider audience so his greatness could be better appreciated across all servers, so here it is. Behold in all his glory, our leader Souless in action:

    And a link to a high res 2560x1600 version:
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    Nicely done. I think this is thread of the week material here!
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    Share and Enjoy!

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    This is awesome and no you cannot join.
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    I don't know if this accurately depicts your fearless leader; too much dancing and not enough soul stones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nahual View Post

    This is awesome and yes you can join.
    I can? Aww im flattered! I accept!
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    I'm on it. Nerfing the new thing asap.
    Also, nerfing the old thing too, for balance.
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