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    Default Made it to first time!

    OK, so I took my Level 16 Ranger and a level 16 Cleric hireling through the Spinner of Shadows, the Demon Web and made it to Eveningstar! Wow!! Awesome! I was blown away by the Demon Web! And I'm happy to finally be in Faerun!!!

    Anyway, I thought I would give a couple of the Challenges in Eveningstar a go...***!!!

    I tried solo... got my butt kicked a few times. Took in a level 16 cleric hireling.... and the number of enemies increased. So I went in with a level 16 cleric, wizard, fighter and barbarian hirelings....YIKES! The number of enemies seemed to jump exponentially.

    How in the &%@ do you get through these? I tried the one where the Purple Dragon Wizard is doing some ceremony and then all the freakin' werewolves come out and kick ass...did that a few times... and then I tried the Dryad Tree once. Yikes! Seems almost impossible. What's the key to doing these?

    I know they are supposed to be a challenge but Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot!!


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    Get a group, hirelings suck As a wizard I just charm everything and dot bosses, makes 4-starring the Sunset Ritual (the one with the wizard) completely trivial.
    Similar tactics can be used in the druid ones (just spiders in there suck for CC) - split party, 2 passages guarded by 2 DPS each, CCer keeping the 3rd clean, healer running around as needed always worked best for me...
    Personally I find the arena (inside the cave) challenges more difficult, because bosses come accompanied by red nameds you cant instakill or charm, so its more about brute force in there (or on epic, about a Grandmaster of Flowers changing their stinky everything into a much nicer nothing).
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    All challenges take getting used to.

    I solo both of those all the time.

    On a caster:

    With the druids the key is to destroy a drow group before the next one gets there.
    When the great dryiad says enemey are coming I'll run to the tree and drop a Firewall and Acid Rain on the tree while I approach.
    This maybe won't kill the mobs but it will draw agro from the tree.
    Inta-kill the casters (they are easy to necro)
    Dot the archers.
    SLA anything that remains.

    For the werewolf.
    Buff the purple nights.
    Again put a group of mobs down before the next group arrives.
    When nightfall arrives I'll often Discoball and Mindfog the wizard. Certainly I'll CC up the spellward when the wizard is done his ritual.

    For both, when the bosses arrive, DOT them but keep an eye on the other mobs too. The bosses must die fast.

    EDIT -

    I don't know why I thought you had a wizard.
    Must have been the post above that confused me.


    You don't want Ranger advice from me.
    On a divine:

    For the druid:
    I'll run over and implode the spiders; they are hardest to deal with I find.
    BB doesn't work well on anything but the warriors, unless your DC is outstanding. (spiders/rogues have improved evasion and high ref, casters don't move much)
    Cast destruction on casters.
    DP archers.
    Light spells to clean up melee/spiders.
    This may be expensive on a cleric (SP wise). I use a FVS so have cheap light spells/shoulder archon.

    For the Werewolf.
    Save those implosions until you need them (or when you strongly suspect that there is time for cooldown before next wave)
    Implode any group that gangs up on the wizard.
    If the wizard says a Purple Knight is down, head to the Wiz. He will get attacked. The Purple Knight will reset his health don't worry about him.
    BB the wolfs and melee as they attack the purple nights, DP the archers.
    Take out the Alpha wolves quick, they are dangerous to the wizard.
    Nothing in this one is extremely immune to blade barrier, I find, so you can grab agro and kite to death while DPing archers/boss.
    Save SP early when it's easy.
    You need the SP to spam death when the ritual is done.
    Be careful using SP healing Purple Knights.
    They look like humans but seem to heal like WF.
    (Your hireling may get distracted healing the knights forever. Call away if this starts happening)

    (just what I do - I'm sure there are better ways)
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    Quote Originally Posted by True_Knight View Post
    OK, so I took my Level 16 Ranger and a level 16 Cleric hireling through the Spinner of Shadows,[...]
    I know they are supposed to be a challenge but Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot!!

    I don't have a ranger and I don't solo usually. Every time I done those challenges I was with a full group. CR22, CR25 or CR30 though.

    Yes, it would be easier if you could use your wild empathy to charm the werewolves.
    What you are missing is crowd control and probably DPS. Get a paralyzer and try that too if you cannot find a wizard or virtuoso bard to group with you.

    Also, resist energy, etc. on the purple dragon knights!

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