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    Oh hi, my first post. I play as a level 16 (or very soon 17) Pale Master. I looked at the offers for Cormyrian items, but it doesn't say what they do. Is it random?

    Can I please enter the King's Forest at a lower level? I promise I won't die at a rate equal to or higher than 1 death per monster!

    When wanting to explore the Demonweb, it says I must have some computer gibberish quest bestowed by more computer gibberish. What's the deal there? I have the Collector's Edition access! Am I missing something?

    And please, I'd really love to be able to teleport to Eveningstar. Also, you can't use Greater Teleport in a public area. Fix plz?


    Whenever I'm in Eveningstar, the pleasant landscape and music makes me want to cry sometimes. It's that sweet. I often go there when logging out just so I can see the new character selection background.

    When doing the Murder by Night quest, the werewolves were done VERY well! They send a chill up my spine whenever they lunge toward me with those glowing eyes.

    I also like the new appearances (Mailboxes, shrines, etc.) on the new plane!

    I really like your idea of planar travel to the Forgotten Realms with Lolth. The Demonweb I find very nice.

    Thank you!

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    Well, in beta, the forest was open to lv 15 to 19 on heroic... And opening epic to anyone above lv 20. Dunno if they'll implement that on live though.

    To enter the demonweb you must flag for it. Do the eveningstar chain and the underdark chain. Then the demonweb opens.

    There's a favor reward from the purple dragon knights that grants a key. This key teleports you to eveningstar. Drawback is the cooldown lasts an hour.
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    challenge items are random which is why you can't find a list and why most don't run the new challenges now that they nerf nuked the xp.

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    Greater Teleport usage in public areas would be fantastic, but I don't see that happening. Especially considering it'd hit anyone not in party in the radius and that could get annoying. :P

    I'm glad you like the new stuff so much! I'm a huge fan of it, too.

    As for the computer gibberish (I assume you see DNT errors and stuff), those are bugs. They're working on a lot of bugs for the new content right now and should have many fixed with Update 15 that is released this month.
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