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    Quote Originally Posted by maddmatt70 View Post
    hmm well the date that has been banded about is August 20th for update 15. Update 15 will include some new quests among other things. I imagine Update 15 will hit lammania next week. The rest of your post does not make alot of sense. You can buy the expansion right now - there is no reason to wait. The expansion has the update 14 content.

    Edit: hmm you are talking about being able to buy things individually with points. Yeah I can not answer your question there.
    Not so much purchasing things individually: I don't have CASH. That means, for all intents and purposes, U14 content is unavailable to me until it hits the DDO Store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by good_ole_corwin View Post
    Doesnt have to be superfabulous mega-gain, but the XP from MM as it is simply irrelevant, might as well not have put it in.

    Since you need to kill 80 (unless Im mistaken, cant log in atm. - but even if its 40) different types of the creature, I would not be surprised if that particular thing wouldnt be achievable for at least some of them tbh.

    Um...someone already posted screen shots of it working...they already unlocked it. And while I"m not rabid enough about the perk to go on a mad sahaugin/spider/whatever killing spree, it is being done.
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