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    I had quit playing for a long time when my offline life went crazy, and considered not coming back at all because the game had stopped being fun back then. An irl friend of mine was just getting back into it, and asked if I could at least help him gear up and figure out a few things (even though it wasn't on my server) so I turned it back on. This was about a month pre-motu. Since I was trying to help someone out, I read all about Motu and thought, I want to play this.

    So I got back on my server (Sarlona) and started playing again, brushing up on my decayed skills, and learning the new Cannith stuff. And realized they had somewhere along the line put the fun back in, and it got massively fun when MOTU finally dropped.

    Even though there is obvious grind (commendations anyone?) I don't really care, it's fun. If I have to do a massive amount of king's forest runs and reruns of the quest chains, who cares because it IS fun? I'm having fun playing my game, if I'm not farming this gear here I'd be doing something somewhere anyway. So even the btc commendations don't bother me. Probably because I can keep earning destinies while I grind out on my level 25 toons, 'capped' doesn't quite mean what it used to.

    I think new quests are the lifeblood of this game personally. They can tweak the gear and character stuff all they want, but new and fun things to do are what keep us here.
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    Yup same here, the expansion content is great! Bravo.

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