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    Default Unknown Issue?

    From the known issues:

    Female elf and drow noses change from the nose selected during character generation.
    Half-elf Dilettante sorcerer grants the use of all wands.
    Half-elf facial hair options should be on a different slider than facial detail options.
    In character creation, changing a half-orc's skin color only changes the color of the face and not the body.
    Half-orcs do not tumble correctly.
    At level 20, players will need to spend skill points manually on the 32-point half-orc wizard ingenious sage path.

    Nothing on the WAI section notes the warforged.

    They know that a 32 point half orc wizard who is on a path and hits level 20 has to spend skill points yet do not know that Healer's Friend and warforged PRR are broken.
    How many epic 32 point half-orc wizards are there? The wizard issue cannot have more bugs submitted unless I'm the only one who bug reported the WF issues and BOTH epic orc wizard stock build players submitted the bug.

    Just to make sure, WF players you have bug reported these issues, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skaves View Post
    Just to make sure, WF players you have bug reported these issues, right?
    We have.
    There current way Healer's Friend works is bugged. Stated by a dev in another post, so i hope it'll make it on the agenda soon.

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