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    Default Lfg ^.~

    Hello! I am looking for a Sarlona server, friendly, adult, fun-loving and voice-chat heavy guild to join. I personally cannot do voice chatting because of my situation at home, but I love being able to put a voice behind the avatar (or character), and it's just much more personal and fun, IMO. I'd use voice chat if I could, myself

    Anyway. Must have players and characters in all level ranges, preferably a relatively high level guild (50+ hopefully), and would *love* it if a raid night was planned every now and then. Guild raids are blasts of fun.

    Characters I'm looking for guilds for:

    XxxxBanexxxx, level 5 human barbarian I'm hoping to TR so he can get lots of TR's under his belt, before starting his final life as a monk

    Endricane, level 16 human wizard palemaster (who also dabbles in evocation, in the electric and ice damage spells), who will probably be TR'd as a warforged ice or air savant. Haven't decided what type of savant yet.

    I have Delera's Tomb, Devil Assault, and am planning on getting the Vale, GH, Necro 4, Demons of Shavarath, VoN and Demon Sands packs eventually. Probably higher level content first though so I can cater to my wizard (whom I prefer playing). I have drow unlocked, 32 point builds, and veteran status. I'll buy monk and warforged eventually as well.
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    Default Recruitment

    Dear Prospect,
    We are recruiting roleplayers. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE BERSERKERS or "ZERGS!" We are a medieval/military/Templar based roleplaying guild that has melded my ADnD 2nd addition "tabletop" campaign of over 20 years w/DDO's campaign.
    I am a DM from ADnD 2nd addition and have been for over 20 years. Our guild is level 31 and has an airship w/all amenities, we are active, however we are recruiting more and more to increase the amount of active members so that at any time (24/7) anyone from our guild should be able to log on and find enough guild members to quest with (so as not to have to find strangers for that.)
    If you are interested (and like minded enough) to roleplay 13th century Templar style, then contact me "Ghonja" on Thelanis server through the floating mailboxes and/or here/or at:
    King Ghonja Flowingwater of Earth
    Grand Master of The Knights of The Covenant

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