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    With over 100 pounds to lose, I bought a fitbit. It helps me keep track of my activity and calories, etc. Like DDO, it's f2p, with a VIP (premium) set of features.

    The fitbit device costs $100.00, and tracks your steps, floors climbed, calories burned, weight, measurements, and a host of other usefull fitness items.

    If anyone is interested, I started a DDO group in their forums. You can't see the group until you join, all you need is a name and email address.

    I don't work for fitbit, just a satisfied customer.

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    I try to fit jogging into my schedule for fitness. Simple, no fees, just a pair of runners and you're set.

    I set a personal rule: If it's not dark or raining outside when I get home from work, I go jogging, no excuses. I have a small MP3 with a jogging playlist that helps me time my run and avoid boredom.

    No calorie counting, no gym memberships, no expensive equipment needed. Just an MP3 player with an hour long playlist and I'm staying in good shape.
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