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    Default To Devs. Sound sliders... what do they do?? & Temp Favored Soul Aura fix included

    To the Devs. Can I get a break down of what sounds are tied to what Volume sliders? Especially the Combat Sound Volume because I have that way down to make the Fav Soul Aura sound tolerable. Mainly these 3 sliders.


    Aura Fix... and I think someone else mentioned this briefly on the forums....

    Ok so playing around with the sliders...

    Mostly sliders:

    Sound Effects Volume
    Combat Sound Volume
    Ambient sound Volume

    I found that the Sound effect and Combat sound seem to both affect Aura. When both are turned up the Aura sounds disgusting. Ambient did nothing to the Fav Aura. The Sound Effect slider seemed to effect more combat sounds than the Combat Sound Slider. When I turned the Sound Effects up and the Combat Sound down to .01 or .02 the Aura actually sounded ok. A nice humming sound instead of the machinery type loud distorted sound on all frequencies we are getting. And yes at a low hum it was actually useful to hear ever so slightly.

    The Sound Effects Volume Low and the Combat up still had a disgusting sound to it, and the Sound Effects Volume is needed because most of the combat weapon and spell sounds are tied to it. The game looks like a silent movie without the Sound Effects Volume up.

    To turn the Aura sound off you have to turn the Sound Effects off which is silent movie combat, and that is a big disadvantage relying on visuals only and stupid looking. If it solves the lag issues it is better than the huge freak'in "Lag Monster" from Fav Soul Aura, and that is better than shelving your Favored Soul.

    As for in a group I will get back on that. And the lag issues I bet are still there, so I will test it out with the Combat Volume at .01 or .00 (off) to see if that helps. If not I will see if Silent Movie Combat mode helps that lag.

    Also gonna turn the music off to see if that helps with lag.

    So if they can solve the lag issues with it I might like hearing a low hum as a heads up.
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