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    Level 18:

    Again I will go into more details about L17 quests, all of them deserve a few words.
    Monastery of the Scorpion: Good quest. Great exp and not too difficult. I haven't ran it with char with trap skills in a long time so I was a bit lost trying to find all the trap boxes, but it did get better on 2nd and 3rd run.

    Enter the Kobold: Horrible quest. Up to the boss battle it was ok, but then...I was a bit over confident on my 1st run thinking resist fire potion+evasion will be enough. I was wrong. Fireballs were non issue as I almost always evaded them, but scorching ray(not evadable) was enormous pain. I didn't have enough dps to quickly kill the kobold and I couldn't bring my hireling into the arena(he dies there almost instantly) so I had to resort for different tactic. Keep hire at the back of the tunnel and run there every time I needed heal(self healing was insufficient). But it was taking too long. I got to the point where I wanted to quit, I stopped recording and clicked recall. But then I said to myself, @#$@ it I'm going to see this through. It took me ~60min to finish this run.
    For the 2nd run I stocked on some fire shield scrolls and with experience from 1st run I went in again. I even bought gold seal hireling to stand at the shrine. And it was even worse. A lot worse in fact, because I forgot to restock on fire resist potions. With only ~5potions I knew I can't go slow, so my only option was to try kobold as fast as I can and hope that he will not reset every time I ran back to heal myself. Well when he was at ~15% he reset. Then I ran out of resist potions and started dying. This run took about 75min to complete.
    For the 3rd run I restocked everything. I decided to do it completely differently and bought some ice storm+acid rain scrolls. When the fire elementals spawned I switched to my new tactic, using ice storm+acid rain scrolls I very slowly killed all 3 fire elementals. It took some time but it was safe. Then it was fairly straight forward. Kobold hopping around made it very annoying but I managed to kill him and then the effreti and then I successfully completed.

    Prey on the Hunter: Not too difficult. Giants are pretty tough though. Massive HP+the way they push me around=patience is required.

    Stealer of Souls: Horrible even on casual.
    Earth part: Giants again, massive hp(even on casual)+the way they push me around was very annoying. But not too difficult.
    Ice part: Same thing about giants. Plus I fell of few times on my way to the boss and when I got there I learned that Song of Freedom doesn't work the way I thought it was. I was hopping to use it to clear all the fogs, but that didn't worked out. Boss fight was therefore very long and very annoying.
    Fire part: Horrible but with a little patience it was doable.
    Air part: Worst of them all. Giant+some air elementals=I fell of few times. Boss that likes to dispel my buffs and cast a lot of fogs=very hard.
    And all that hard work for only ~9k exp...

    I also ran The Druid's Deep at this level. This was my first run, right after it was released so I was a little sight seeing and exploring. First thing that caught me by surprise was "red musk pollen" in Outbreak, before I realized what was going on I was helpless and had to recall and rest. But then it was ok, not too hard and I like them visually. The end fight in The Druid's Curse was more difficult than I expected so I had to tactically retreat, but overall nice chain.


    Balance +1
    Concentration +1
    Disable Device +1
    Jump +1
    Perform +1
    Search +1
    Use Magic Device +1

    Mental Toughness

    Racial Toughness II
    Human Greater Adaptability Constitution

    209.266 plat, 16 gold, 10 silver, 9 copper
    -5000 +4 icy burst greatsword
    -3000 +3 icy burst lognbow
    -50.000 +2 icy burst greateaxwe of greater giant bane
    -4000 +2 holy bastardsword of greater elemental bane
    -8415 small ingredients bag
    +17725 Corruption of nature ... it sold almost instantly on ah, should have set higher buyout, but at the same time I hope someone didn't buy it thinking it was L24
    -2400 19x scroll of teleport
    -4000 50x scrolld of fireshield
    +35128 +4 Pandemonioum Longbow of Lacerating
    -3778 3x wand of cure serious
    -4000 resist potions
    -4000 50x scroll of ice storm
    -4000 50x scroll of acid rain
    -4300 50x potion of pretection from energy
    -2150 25x potion of protection from acid

    Monastery of the Scorpion - 3xN
    Enter the Kobold - 3xN
    Prey on the Hunter - N
    Stealer of Souls - C
    Outbreak - N
    Overgrowth - N
    Thorn and Paw - N
    The Druid's Curse - N


    +1 CHA tome
    Dragontouched Leather Armor ,resistance+5,protection+5(later con+6)

    Quest Breakdown:
    Monastery of the Scorpion(video)
    22:58 - Finish Quest

    21746 EXP
    946 EXP per Minute

    Enter the Kobold(video)
    54:22 - Finish Quest

    20958 EXP
    385 EXP per Minute

    Prey on the Hunter(video)
    20:53 - Finish Quest

    12581 EXP
    602 EXP per Minute

    Stealer of Souls(video)
    49:00 - Finish Quest

    8881 EXP
    181 EXP per Minute

    11:17 - Finish Quest

    3918 EXP
    347 EXP per Minute

    10:51 - Finish Quest

    6009 EXP
    553 EXP per Minute

    Thorn and Paw(video)
    18:39 - Finish Quest

    5426 EXP
    290 EXP per Minute

    The Druid's Curse(video)
    24:22 - Finish Quest

    8173 EXP
    335 EXP per Minute

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    Level 19:

    One thing that is very apparent at this level is how long it takes to kill anything. Even trash mobs have so many hp that it take a good beating to kill them. And red names are several levels above that...
    IQ and DD quests are ok, one exceptions is The Dreaming Dark end fight. That one is brutal. I did it just on casual difficulty and it was still very hard battle.
    Amrath quests are doable. I was playing it safe in Sins of Attrition so the completion time can be much lower than what I got. Genesis Point is just very long. A New Invasion is easy up to the end fight. End fight gave me some troubles though. I tried to go in alone and do the "standard" melee tactic of going between edges of 2 tiles, but I was unable to out-heal incoming dmg. Then I tried running in circle with hireling, fighting on one tile for few sec and then moving on the next. And it was going good until my hireling ran out of sp. This one time his automatic curse/disease/poison removal wasn't appreciated. So I grabbed FvS hire and went in again, this time his sp was enough. And Bastion of Power...well it's hard.


    Balance +1
    Concentration +1
    Disable Device +1
    Jump +1
    Perform +1
    Search +1
    Use Magic Device +1

    187.897 plat, 8 gold, 11 silver, 9 copper
    -3500 +5 acid greatsword of pure good
    -1500 12x Scroll of teleport
    -1890 10x scroll of ts
    -109000 +5 Holy silver falchion of lesser lawful outsider bane

    In the Demon's Den - N
    Dream Conspiracy - N
    Finding the Path - N
    I Dream of Jeets - N
    The Mindsunder - N
    Eye of the Titan - N
    The Shipwrecked Spy - N
    Reclaiming Memories - N
    Raiding the Giants' Vault - S
    Mining for Ancient Secrets - N
    The Dreaming Dark - C
    Murder by Night - N
    The Riddle - N
    Sins of Attrition - N
    Genesis Point - N
    A New Invasion - N
    Bastion of Power - N
    Wrath of the Flame - N
    The Weapons Shipment - N


    +2 CHA tome
    Vornes Belt

    A New Invasion 2x - end fight, wrong tactic
    Bastion of Power - sudden red dungeon alert, swarm of green devils completely surrounded me

    Quest Breakdown:
    In the Demon's Den(video)
    24:17 - Finish Quest

    8509 EXP
    350 EXP per Minute

    Dream Conspiracy(video)
    17:35 - Finish Quest

    8992 EXP
    511 EXP per Minute

    Finding the Path(video)
    12:23 - Finish Quest

    7228 EXP
    583 EXP per Minute

    I Dream of Jeets(video)
    22:14 - Finish Quest

    10891 EXP
    489 EXP per Minute

    The Mindsunder(video)
    19:05 - Finish Quest

    7951 EXP
    416 EXP per Minute

    Eye of the Titan(video)
    15:01 - Finish Quest

    8126 EXP
    541 EXP per Minute

    The Shipwrecked Spy(video)
    13:32 - Finish Quest

    9365 EXP
    691 EXP per Minute

    Reclaiming Memories(video)
    10:51 - Finish Quest

    8028 EXP
    739 EXP per Minute

    Raiding the Giants' Vault(video)
    11:05 - Finish Quest

    8341 EXP
    752 EXP per Minute

    Mining for Ancient Secrets(video)
    11:22 - Finish Quest

    7281 EXP
    640 EXP per Minute

    The Dreaming Dark(video)
    19:09 - Finish Quest

    4929 EXP
    257 EXP per Minute

    Murder by Night(video)
    12:26 - Finish Quest

    7351 EXP
    591 EXP per Minute

    The Riddle(video)
    11:06 - Finish Quest

    7609 EXP
    685 EXP per Minute

    Sins of Attrition(video)
    25:10 - Finish Quest

    12396 EXP
    492 EXP per Minute

    Genesis Point(video)
    52:27 - Finish Quest

    19880 EXP
    379 EXP per Minute

    A New Invasion(video)
    22:29 - Finish Quest

    16081 EXP
    715 EXP per Minute

    Bastion of Power(video)
    35:24 - Finish Quest

    8905 EXP
    251 EXP per Minute

    Wrath of the Flame(video)
    9:44 - Finish Quest

    4020 EXP
    413 EXP per Minute

    The Weapons Shipment(video)
    17:03 - Finish Quest

    6539 EXP
    383 EXP per Minute

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    From this journey I have to say that untwinked bard is soloable ok, but it's very weak. It's the very definition of "jack of all trades, master of none". IC just barely makes DPS usable. CC and healing are unreliable, and to make them more useful I would have to sacrifice something else(item slots, feats, ability points). UMD is nice, but nothing great. Even at lev20 I still don't have enough for no fail heal scrolls. But potential to grow is definitely there, with a bit better gear(cha skill conc opp GS for example) it can be great support for groups.


    I tried it, got to lev21 in ~4h without any troubles, but I'm officially throwing in the towel. Epic mobs HP are just so high, and every single red name takes several minutes to kill. All the time I just activate autoattack and watch it. For example Marut in VON3 took 5minutes to kill. So all that Epic Normal is challenging is my patience. Epic quest are also not so different in tactic from heroic, they just take longer(much longer).

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    Bonus top 5:
    All based on the quests that I have ran as bard.

    Top 5 hardest quests
    Quests that are hard from start to end.
    5 Siegebreaker
    4 Acid Wit
    3 Bastion of Power
    2 Chains of Flame
    1 Stealer of Souls

    Top 5 hardest boss fights
    Quests with exceptionally hard boss fights or with boss fight way harder than rest of the quest.
    5 Against the Demon Queen
    4 Ghosts of Perdition
    3 The Dreaming Dark
    2 Flesh Maker's Laboratory
    1 Enter the Kobold

    Top 5 hardest monsters to fight
    Mobs that are more dangerous or annoying that the rest.
    5 Rust Monsters
    4 Beholders
    3 Anything that can hide(scorpions, phase spiders, umbra worgs, wraiths,...)
    2 Any Archer type
    1 Air elementals

    Top 5 best quests
    Quests with good exp/min+difficulty ratio.
    5 Sins of Attrition
    4 Trial by Fire
    3 The Shadow Crypt
    2 The Chamber of Raiyum
    1 Monastery of the Scorpion

    Top 5 most fun quests
    Quests that I just enjoyed doing.
    5 Frame Work
    4 Song of Druid's Deep(it was new and fresh)
    3 Sins of Attrition
    2 Monastery of the Scorpion
    1 The Pit

    Top 5 least fun quests
    Quests that I didn't enjoyed doing.
    5 Let Sleeping Dust Lie
    4 The Bookbinder Rescue
    3 Chains of Flame
    2 Stealer of Souls
    1 Tomb of the Tormented

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