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    Default Epic Elite Partycrashers solo, all optionals for fun.

    Partycrashers has always been one of my favorite quests so decided to try it out on Epic Elite. Took my level 25 pure Artificer in and tried it. It Was a lot of fun.

    The tiefling casters in the upstairs were a pain. They love to spam cast Symbol of Stunning, Greater Command and other cc spells. CR 50 Inkrakos was a boring 30 minute fight. No challenge at all but man does he have lot of hp, same with the Illusionary giant, illusionary scorpion, and stagehand.

    All in all only 2 places were really dangerous. The bathrooms due to CC spamming casters, and retrieving Natt Gann's urn. The illusions there love to spam electric loop, which stuns.

    My Homunculus Release was able to activate all the stat based runes and disable the alarm system which made part of the quest a lot easier.

    Only got 47 epic token fragments for it. Very disappointing for the time it took.

    Flawless run, no deaths (not even the pet). 0 pots used. 5 reconstruction scrolls and Master Artifice ring clicky resconstruction used during abashai battle.

    Completed. Decided to go for optionals.

    Resting after defeating the Abashai.

    Final tally. All optional's done.

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    Wow, awesome Cachin !

    Thank you for inspiring your guildies into pushing themselves into trying to build better artificers.

    And thx to Release for reminding me of the Pearl Jam song every time I see him

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    Grats Sel.

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    Did this one in a grp, we thought it was easy so all on bad destinies sfor xp.. EE, endfight zero optionals was fun heh.

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