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    Default Just a Quickie

    Just to say that I am really enjoying DDO,both the old and new stuff. I have been playing for a while now, and am what could be described as a "Mature" (read ancient) player , and still enjoy running through the waterworks etc. I am aware that Turbine have made some boo-boos and have not always admitted it, but they in the main are doing a cracking job with this game.

    Most of the time , if something goes right we dont register it, and carry on regardless. If it goes wrong , it is noticed and we all hear about it. Sometimes we see "Goodbye Turbine/DDO" notes because the game is not what it was before a given update. Fair enough , each to their own. Basically this is a decent game. If it wasnt the 5% of us who post here wouldnt bother and would go away en masse. But we are still here and still playing. In a time when MMO's are coming out of the woodwork , there must be something in this game that keeps us coming back.

    Bottom line is , this is a good game with its ups and downs , and its easy to criticise and moan(I know I have, and will) but I think that turbine actually deserve a pat on their collective backs for the job that they are doing/have done and a little less of a bashing for the mistakes , albeit some long running ones, that have been made.

    Thanks Turbine for a part of my entertainment.
    Please excuse my rambling text.
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    I have thanked Turbine with 6 years of ViP payment. Plus the times I threw moneies at LotRO. And the cards I have bought.

    6 years of joy. No other gaming company has kept me occupied and happy. I will probably throw money at the computer until Turbine's squirrel cows come home.
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    To the OP, nice one mate

    I totally agree with you, DDO has been a blast over the years, about 5 in my case, and more to come I hope.

    I am in the same ancient age group to you, I guess (I am 55) and can still keep up with the young whippersnappers who blaze a trail around Stormreach and now, Eveningstar.

    So thanks to Turbine from me as well
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