just finished a 'Grifball' match in halo reach. was fun, except that the enemy team seemed to be stat padding. allow me to explain the game. two teams, red and blue. open, rectangular court. goal on each side, BOMB in the middle. yes, you read that properly. a bomb. it's halo, folks. each person has an 'energy sword' (you can perform lunges with it too) and a 'gravity hammer'. sword does.... well sword like- damage, instantly kills. the hammer has an impact radius, with damage lessening the further it is from the center. but usually insta kills too. so the objective is to get the bomb in the middle into the enemy goal. you can find loads of videos of matches on youtube. what the enemy team did, however, was that they came to our side, with the bomb, and just kept spawn-killing us. non-stop. 2 of our team quit. that left me and another player by the gamertag 'dummer'. we would try to kill them and escape, and they would keep killing us. eventually, however, dummer managed to escape, kill the enemy holding the ball, and scored. next round, the enemy decided to score, if only so that we would not win. last round, same story. they kept killing us. however, in the last 30 seconds, i managed to get out of the kill zone, kill the ball carrier, grab the ball and score! guess karma came 'round in the end afterwards, they invited me to join their chat group. i accepted, upon which they said stuff like 'oh man, that was ****' and 'you wanna 1v1 me? i'll 1v1 one you you ****'. i simply smiled to myself, told them to do something rather nasty, and left. moral of the story? no clue. just thought it was a good one.

note: for those who want to see the match statistics, here it is. http://halo.xbox.com/en-US/career/ha...ection=Unknown
i am dsdanger 2 and the person ranked above me is the other person who didn't leave. the other two in my team left rather quickly.
note: the enemy team was playing against the rules of Grifball. just so you know.