So off channel got into a group with 3 folks i know, 2 i don't. ran evon3 hard and norm, things went smooth. Nice pace, seem like good guys. Im on my WF air/necro savant

After evon3 someone suggests ebob elite. bravo sir, charge.

Uneventful till we get in last hallway to boss area and we go from zero to pegged at red alert. Sheepish murmer of 'don't have an invis clickie on this toon.' ack! harried, slo mo, zap zap incap. barb that i failed to give an invis too dings at the gate leading into the hall, big wad of things right on him. Party is pretty much trapped in the skinny hall with red alert. im the second down when i get harried and go incap. Cleric spots me a heal before I ding, up and running again but other folks start to drop, end up scrambling for stones and making dash for shrine (sorc wings). I make it there only to realize I missed two stones. alert still keeping me harried so at this point its just a slow motion reconstruct train where ever i go

got wiz, cleric and monk back to shrine, but not before I stuck around too long with the mob of things chasing me that the wiz got caught in a raise-ding before reminding me to take my posse somewhere else (still in frantic im harried trying not to die mode in my defense)

Got back to the orig kill zone and pick up last 2 stones, the cleric/monk/wiz team had chewed through a large portion of the things chasing me by then.

We recover, we win took way longer than expected but was pretty fun