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    Default What's up with all the high-level explorer and quest LFMs lately?

    Sands of Menechtarun, levels 18-22
    Searing Heights, levels 17-20
    Haywire Foundry, levels 15-18
    Purge the Fallen Shrine, levels 15-18

    These are only a few of the examples I see on a daily basis. Is there a bug with LFMs, or is our server simply reaffirming its pug status as the bottom of the barrel?

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    Possibly its people who took advantage of the xp stone and are going back for flagging/favor other then that I dont know...
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    When you start up an LFM it will auto populate the level range based upon your own level range. What you are seeing are probably a lot of LFMs where people didn't think to change the level range. They might be running them for favour, or flagging, or even just to learn them if they haven't done them before.

    The whole public/private thing can also cause problems. I was in New Invasion on elite a week or so ago, got the end, and opened up the LFM for people to loot the chests. There were two of us in the quest and the LFM said New Invasion and had elite checked. But then after some people joined the LFM and entered the Devil Battlefield (explorer area) suddenly the LFM changed to a public LFM for the explorer area (the person who enetered must have clicked public). Why they were able to change my LFM I have no idea.
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    Sands - Many good named items can be found in the rare chests. At level, not so hot, but most Demon Sands gear can be made Epic. As for the level restrictions, probably an open LFM
    Searing Heights - Probably someone with an open LFM going to Bargain of Blood for favor/epic loot
    Haywire Foundry - Probably someone with an open LFM doing VoN flagging.
    Purge the Fallen - Probably someone doing a favor run that had an open LFM.

    I've never liked open LFMs. Pikers and noobs, pikers and noobs everywhere. Thankfully, most of the high-level quests have people with enough sense to turn it off. Though nothing is more annoying than having the elite opener enter a high-level quest and then see "Leader of a public group, 5 minutes remaining" and not being able to make this private.

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    If it makes you feel any better, I've been seeing this a lot on argo server too.

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    Public LFMs can have this as side-effects.
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    Stone of Experience. People running things they missed by jumping from 8-16. As recommended here on the forum!
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    I've seen this too, but if yoiu actually look at where the members are they are often in other places. I saw a searing heights LFM for levels 22-25 and if you looked at where the people actually were - it was the demonweb.

    I am not sure if it's a mistake or they are just trying to keep random people from joining. I definitely found it funny to see searing heights on the lfm.
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    I believe the public lfms default so if you always have it set to private, unless you manually change it to public it will stay private, which is what would happen up to this update and no one would know someone was out there catching up on favor or slayer or what have you. Now comes the update and folks who are new to the game, compounded by stone of change newbs, and you have public lfms springing up left and right. They may be oblivious to how level range affects experience, but I think it is more so they are oblivious they even have an lfm up as they do not even consider they need to manually select private.
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