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    Default DX9 Vs DX10 Vs DX110

    Not being a super computer geek, I have a question.

    I'm currently running Windows7 with 8GB Ram and a decent processor. My Graphics Card however is just average. Don't recall atm what it is, but it is nor horrible, but not top of the line either.

    I just play with DX9 enabled. I did enable DX10 very briefly and it seemed to slow down performance a little bit (Maybe my imagination), so I switched back.

    What is the Benefit of running DX10 over DX9 and DX11 over DX10?

    Edit: Woops...DX11 not DX"110"....
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    Probably a question better suited to the Tech Support forum folks, but in my experience I've found little difference graphics-wise with one exception: any mode other than DX9 causes half the final line of text in my DDO client chat window to hide and requires manual scrolling down to read, so I stick with DX9. Nothing different in terms of gameplay, and bigger numbers aren't always better.
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    Going to dx10/dx11 over dx9 will reduce your speed because your GPU will be doing more calculations.

    Most of the differences from 9 to 10 I think are mostly shadow and water related, with dx 11 being mostly water. Probably a fair bit of lighting differences as well. I'm no expert on this at all and going off what very little I read and heard from when it first got implemented. (which was years ago.)

    If you turn "shadow stencils" off to reduce lag in some regions (aka Subterranean comes to mind) you won't see much of any difference.

    Beyond that you have to look at various water regions to see the difference.

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